AFRIGO is a social enterprise that impacts lives through tours. We reinvest profits from every tour sold to engage, support and empower under-served communities in Africa.


Being a social enterprise means we have made the legal commitment to being a purpose-led company. We care deeply and put serious thought into travelling in a way that positively impacts the people and places we visit. 


As a modern travel brand we're committed to showcase Africa at the centre of its deepest, most original, purest form—while curating our tours in a way that advocates the highest level of social and environmental impact.


We're passionate about two things: travel and goodwill. Our 'social' offshoot is where we partner with a network of nonprofits to launch impactful projects that regenerate under-served communities in Africa.

What is Purposeful travel?

As travellers, we’re at times unmindful of the impact we have on the communities we visit – and we’ve pledged to focus on where the true value of tourism lies. This means, we travel planning out every stage of your trip responsibly, taking into consideration the accommodation where you stay, the routes and vehicles used to get from one destination to another and the environmental impact of the activities included as part of each trip. Being purposeful is showing intent about how we travel.

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Our Eco Pledge

Travel Partners

We make a point to partner exclusively with local tour guides, DMCs, independently-owned accommodation providers and other domestic travel stakeholders in order to keep the tourism revenue circulated locally.

Local Communities

We follow best practice methods like engaging in community outreach, visiting markets in the local area or choosing lesser known destinations that need the tourism dollars.

Environmental Focus

We strive to travel responsibly, making impactful environmental choices when we can. We curate our tours in a way that advocates the highest level of social and environmental impact.

Cultural Heritage

We make sure to inform and educate our travellers about the local cultures we visit, in order to respect them at all times. It’s our job to help preserve and honour these traditions, and we take that responsibility seriously.


Our products sold including our tote bags and apparel are hand-made and ethically produced from local producers.


Have any questions?

For more information, questions or feedback you'd like to share, we’d love to hear from you. For press, commercial and partnership enquiries, please contact us.